Author’s Faves

Colors:  blue, teal

Animals:  all are incredible creatures of nature, but my favorites are dogs, elephants, giraffes, horses, zebras, birds, and many, many more.


Food:  vegan – especially sweet treats and avocados with salt

Books:  The Meetings of Great Minds, of course, fun animal stories, inspirational stories, plus many more

Product DetailsRichard Adams WatershipDown.jpg    Celestine Prophecy

Sports:  basketball, gymnastics

Movies:  Dirty Dancing, Toy Story, Shrek, Mamma Mia, most animal stories

TV Shows:  Long Island Medium, Ellen, Oprah, Wheel of Fortune

People:  My husband and children, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Phil, those who are generous and help people and animals in positive ways.

Characters:  Donkey, Maximus, most animal characters

Songs/Artists:  I am an 80s junkie, Fleetwood Mac, The Time of My Life, Every Breath You Take, Unchained Melody, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, some Elvis